Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sometimes not take wild game / deer?

We are a state inspected processing facility. When we have a locker full of inspected product wild game cannot be hung in the same cooler. With that being said our coolers are full of beef and must cleared out before we start excepting any wild game again. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

What's the best way to store the jerky?

Since our Jerky is not shelf stable do not place in plastic let sit in paper in the refrigerator.

When is your jerky made fresh?

We alternate days that our jerky is made. So if you want fresh jerky feel free to give a call the week of and we will let you know when the jerky is coming out.

Can I get my jerky vacuum packed?

We can vacuum pack jerky as long as it is not fresh!!!! Jerky must sit 24 hrs in the cooler to reduce moisture and not mold. *To ensure we are able to vacuum pack place orders in advance either via email or call us at 806-495-3245*

Do you ship your jerky?

We do mail our jerky just give us a call with you information and we will get it shipped out on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

If it's vacuum sealed does the jerky still have to be refrigerated?

Our jerky is always best kept refrigerated whether it’s vacuum sealed or in a paper sack.

How long will the jerky last in paper or vacuum sealed?

It will always differ but the best way is to keep refrigerated if not eaten and in a sack the jerky could last week’s!!! If the jerky is vacuum packed it could then last weeks or even months but the key is as long as it remains sealed and free of oxygen.

Can we freeze the jerky?

Jerky can be frozen but remember the freezer will dry out the meat faster!

What is the best way to keep jerky long term?

Best way is to vacuum pack jerky and place in the freezer or if you cannot vacuum pack just place the jerky in foil paper then place in freezer.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that meat cannot be refunded. If any of the items are damaged between here and there then we will gladly replace the damaged items. Please give us a call at 806-495-3245 or email us with any questions or concerns.

Deliver / Shipping Policy

All rates have the shipping and handling fee included. The method of shipping used is US Postal Service priority mail. Shipping rates and fee are only included in the United States. Shipments outside the US need to be arranged with Jackson Brothers directly over the phone.

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